IXS Integrated X-Ray Sources

The IXS series are integrated X-ray sources which incorporate a high voltage inverter, filament supply, X-ray tube and heat dissipation component into a single unit. The versatile platform operates from 20 kV to 160 kV at up to 800 Watts output power continuously, and even higher in pulsing applications. The sources can be controlled via user-friendly RS232 digital interface or analog signals.

The IXS Series of Integrated X-ray source can range from 20kV to 160kV, and can operate up to 800+ Watts. Regardless of industry, there is an IXS source that will meet the application requirements. For example, the IXS1015 would be ideal for an application requiring 60kV, and 90Watts. In addition, many of our models have the option of including a liquid to liquid heat exchanger, which would increase already excellent stability and performance.

Click here to read the Environmental Technology Verification Report prepared for the EPA on the IXS High Frequency Integrated X-Ray Generators.

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