It All Begins with Our Engineering Prowess

Our culture is built around out-of-the box thinkers. Their unique talent sets, grounded in X-ray inspection technologies and supported by state-of-the art tools, allow us to develop concepts and solutions that meet the unique needs of each project, from mechanical, to electrical, to imaging and process control.

Over our 25-plus years in NDT we have developed an advanced and proprietary suite of image acquisition and processing tools. The tools we develop to solve an individual customer problem frequently become part of the overall suite creating a far superior product, both in quality and depth.

Vi3 Software - the Brains of the Machine

The core of VJT’s technology begins with our industry leading Vi3 software suite. Vi3 provides a common platform that enables control of every aspect of the inspection, from work process and motion control to image acquisition, analysis and archiving. Learn More >>

Vi3 – Customized to all of your needs

Image Processing

Our proprietary ADE (Advanced Defect Enhancement) and ADR (Automatic Defect Recognition) capabilities maximize each image to allow you to truly see like never before. Learn More >>


ADE on a casting that highlights potential defect areas.


ADR finds the defects and characterizes them.

The Right Technology for the Right Project

VJ Technologies offers a full range of X-ray technologies, each suited to a specific application, industry standard or other requirement.

DR Image of a Wheel

DR Image of a Wheel

Digital Radiography (DR)
We offer a wide variety of DR solutions ranging from high-resolution microfocus to real-time high-energy and everything in between. Learn More>>

5 - CT Image of a Camera Lens

CT Image of a Camera Lens

Computed Tomography (CT)
We provide some of the newest and most innovative CT applications ranging from planar and helical, to limited angle and everything in between. These include a full suite of visualization options for CT such as volumetric reconstruction (3D view) and sliced view imagery, as well as traditional CT/DR views. Learn More>>

6 - High Energy CT Image

High Energy CT Image

High Energy (HE)
Our high-energy x-ray solutions (up to 9 MeV) simplify the inspection of large, heavy and/or dense materials. Learn More>>

VJT Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Our cutting edge technology allows the world’s biggest and most prominent organizations to achieve scalable, unsurpassed imaging quality, flexibility at faster cycle times and proven reliability.