VJT T-Conveyor X-ray systems are unparalleled in terms of physical robustness and deliver incomparable high contrast images. Fast and accurate, our t-belt conveyors represent a universal multi-use X-Ray inspection platform.

Our T-Conveyor Series X-Ray inspection systems incorporate next generation technology for inimitable imaging capabilities. The VJT T-Conveyor systems are ideal for single view inspection and quality assurance purposes. Whether discontinuity mapping, defect location, or imaging through multiple thicknesses is needed, VJT T-Conveyor X-ray systems are the solution. Aided by VJT’s proprietary software, which allows operators to optimize images with industry leading enhancement tools, virtually any defect can be detected.


  • Automotive castings / components
  • Aerospace castings / components
  • Consumer products
  • Other castings



Conveyor divided into cells for easy sorting and part identification


Vi3 imaging suite with ADE filter highlights defects reducing operator fatigue


ADR option can enable detection of good and bad parts in batches


Airbag on conveyor belt prepared for inspection

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