Custom Products

VJT takes pride in its ability to design customized solutions to provide products that are fully configurable to keep pace with your specific needs and requirements. This flexibility allows you to achieve custom capabilities and unique solutions for complex parts requiring obtuse and difficult angles on large parts.

Custom Capabilities

  • Customized solutions for any workflow
  • Structural integrity and real-time inspection
  • Large and small parts along with complex geometries
  • Vision system based part identification with part tracking capabilities
  • Integration into existing enterprise management processes
  • Remote and cloud-based solutions
  • Specially configured and ergonomic user interfaces
  • Around-the-clock service and support

RIS225-XL – Autonomous Inspection Solution

One of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers turned to VJT to develop an efficient way to inspect their High-Pressure Die Castings. Our engineers worked closely with the client to create a unique and customized inspection solution that uses smart technology and robotics for a semi or fully autonomous inspection solution.

Robotic Engine Block Inspection System

VJ Technologies developed an automated inspection system for an automotive lightweighting solutions leader, designed to seamlessly inspect 3 different engine block types.The system robot can achieve 7 axis of rotation with a unique robot gripper that rotates within itself for added image flexibility.

RMIS – Rocket Motor Inspection System

VJT has developed a custom X-Ray inspection system for rocket motors for a complete turn-key installation of a production ready Digital Radiographic “Rocket Motor Inspection System” (RMIS). The system was designed to radiographically inspect two different similar sized rocket motors meeting the inspection criteria required. The RMIS is capable of performing a complete inspection cycle at the rate of 13 minutes per motor in the DR mode.

Custom Solution for X-Ray Inspection of Automotive Components

VJT was able to create a custom solution for one of the world’s largest and premier automotive component manufacturers. This product consists of a real-time pass through conveyor system with a C-Arm x-ray source and detector manipulator for high throughput inspection of engine heads, which is optimal for detecting castings defects. And, the system’s “Teach-and-Learn” based capability ensures mistake-free repeatable imaging. VJT’s custom solution is currently installed at multiple locations of this global automotive component manufacturing company.

Portable Field Solution for Remote X-ray Inspection

VJT created this portable field solution with a customized C-Arm manipulator with exchangeable mountings for x-ray sources ranging from 160kV – 7.5 MeV. It is designed to remotely reach locations up to 50 feet away (in the air) for high-resolution, real-time digital radiography, combined with GPS technology for tracking of inspection location.

Custom Wheel Machine Inspection System

Designed and developed for one of the world’s largest automotive brands, VJT introduces the perfect inline “autonomous inspection solution” for the mass production of cast aluminum wheels. With its exceptionally high throughput and accuracy, the Wheel Machine allows for the inspection of a complete wheel in as fast as 30 to 40 seconds – 70% more throughput compared to other systems, which dramatically reduces handling steps and inspection time on the assembly line.