Containers & Pressure Vessels

Container and pressure vessel manufacturers have some common requirements for the x-ray solution:

  • Throughput – the x-ray system cannot act as a bottleneck in the production cycle
  • Floor space – floor space on a production floor is always at a premium. Thus the x-ray system must take up as little square footage as possible
  • Reliability – the x-ray machine must maintain maximum up-time as production cannot stop. Delivery schedules are aggressive to begin with, delays are not acceptable
  • Part handling – containers and pressure vessels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, made of different materials, welded using different techniques, etc. The x-ray system must be designed to handle one or multiple part types.

VJT offers customized solutions for weld inspection for containers and pressure vessels. Whether the vessel comes into a cabinet or the x-ray and imaging equipment travels inside a vessel, VJT has the right solution.