Increased Throughput for Weld Inspection

VJ Technologies provides more than just equipment for pipe and weld inspection. We create an inspection environment compatible with the codes and standards our customers must meet daily. Our integrated X-ray systems consistently exceed performance expectations and business impact by increasing throughput, maintaining equipment sensitivity and reducing workload and training costs.

VJT’s unique approach saves you money by preventing disruption of operations during the inspection process

We deliver solutions that address several weld inspection standards including:

  • ASME Section 5
  • ISO 17636-2
  • API 5L or API 1104
  • Various other prime contractor related inspection standards

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Complete Control for Optimal Performance

Regardless of whether a part is coming off a pipe rack, spooling off a coil, or being transported down a conveyor line, VJT’s Vi3 software platform adapts to the environment; keeping you in command of every aspect of the inspection, from work process and motion control to image acquisition, analysis and archival.

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Primary Weld Applications

Thin Wall Tube
Radiography on thin wall tubes typically requires small focal spots, small pixel sizes, and tight mechanical handling. VJT has delivered several unique solutions for this market. Learn More>>

Over the years, VJT has developed unique solutions for a variety of pipe radiography challenges from including single-wall and double-wall techniques; longitudinal, seam and spiral welds; and more.
Learn More>>

Containers and Pressure Vessels
Containers and pressure vessels come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and handling of these parts is critical. VJT’s solutions have specially designed mechanical handling for these parts.
Learn More>>

Welds are not only limited to cylindrical objects. Plates and frames are among the other objects that get welded together, comprised of a variety of materials ranging from stainless steel and inconel to 4130 chromoly and titanium. Inspection of each of these materials is a different challenge that VJT has successfully overcome over the years. Learn More>>

For more information on our Weld solutions, see Pipe & Weld Digital X-ray Inspection Systems Sheet.