Inspection Services: Where the Work Is

When bringing the part or equipment to our facilities is not feasible or not an option, VJT brings full service inspection capabilities to you. We provide in-field inspection services on an as-needed basis at any location in the world.

From pipelines, high voltage electrical lines, large vessels, pumps and valves, to other items that cannot be moved, our highly trained teams of engineers and technicians bring decades of experience in NDT support to every project in every phase. They can help you reduce development time and identify issues in real time to accelerate formal production or evaluation processes or stay abreast of production demand. We can scan, read and report on DR and CT at Standard, Microfocus and High Energy levels.

Innovative In-Field Solutions

VJ Technologies offers a unique array of in-field inspection and mobile x-ray inspection services which cater towards any specific need, product, or timeline.

  • In-use Underground Pipeline & Utilities
  • Radioactive Waste Characterization
  • Product Development & Mass Production Inspection
  • In-Facility Large Equipment Inspection
  • Equipment failures / Forensic Inspections



Tour De France 2016 “Mechanical Doping” Testing
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inspectionservices-18CT Inspection of Below Ground Electrical Feeders
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inspectionservices-26On-Site NDT Inspection Hubs for Tesla

inspectionservices-34Large Valve Inspection While in Continuous Operation

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