Inspection Services Around the World

Not every company needs an in-house X-ray capability. Your production may be too limited. Or you can’t justify the expense and training necessary. When that’s your situation, VJ Technologies provides inspection services on an as-needed basis at all VJT locations globally.

If You Can Ship It, We Can Inspect It

Our highly trained teams of engineers and technicians bring decades of experience in NDT support to every project in every phase. They can help you reduce development time and identify issues in real time to accelerate formal production or evaluation processes or stay abreast of production demand. We can scan, read and report on DR and CT at Standard, Microfocus and High Energy levels.

We can typically inspect a large component within 24 hours of delivery and in even less time for multiples of the same part. VJT can perform inspections on everything – from electronics and consumer products, automotive, aerospace and rocket components, thick-wall and alloy castings, to anything that can fit into a 20 ft. shipping container, you can be confident you’re getting world class imaging quality and results.