Inspection Services

World Class Inspection Services

In instances where your requirements are sporadic or one-off, VJ Technologies provides a full range of expert, economical Inspection Services (IS). Whether in-the-field or in-the-factory, VJT can seamlessly meet your needs.

Services such as digital high-energy radiography, CT, patented crawlers and other leading technologies combined with our proprietary Vi3 software suite bring you world-class inspection capabilities. Our technicians and engineers can perform, read and report on DR and CT scans to meet all known industry, regulatory and internal requirements.

Our innovative toolsets are completely adaptable to your environment and program to provide a proven approach to your requirements. VJT brings you:

  • Industry leading image quality with a proven track record of quantifiable, qualifiable, repeatable, and reliable results
  • International, national and local radiation safety measures to protect your personnel, the general public and environment
  • One-hundred percent support of worldwide compliance and regulatory standards, whether in-house or in-the-field

Our Services

VJT provides in-house IS when you do not have a sufficient production run or trained/qualified personnel to justify implementing an X-ray system to achieve full spectrum imaging capabilities. In house services include DR and CT at Standard, Microfocus and High Energy levels.

When bringing the part or equipment to our facilities is not feasible or not an option, VJT brings full service inspection capabilities to you.

In field services include DR at Standard, Microfocus and High Energy levels, with CT capabilities in development.