Hazardous Material

HAZMAT: Special Handling for Special Materials

There are no off-the-shelf solutions for hazardous materials. The risks are simply too great. The requirements for characterization, handling and compliance are too unique. VJT understands that HAZMAT applications must be designed for both safety and imaging. Over the past 25 years, our recognized leadership in hazardous material imaging and analysis has garnered cost reductions on handling and storage for our customers. It’s no wonder why HAZMAT now accounts for over 25% of our business.

Pioneering the World in Waste Inspection

VJT’s expertise has helped shape and test both domestic and international standards, often leading to the reclassification of a material. As a result, our leadership role brings benefits to every company who engages us. Our custom systems and proven technology for nuclear waste inspection squarely meet the nuclear industry’s strict requirements for safety, quality, operability and maintainability. Our systems are used to inspect virtually every size and configuration of waste.

Real Time Radioscopy

VJT real time digital radioscopic systems use energies ranging from 200 kilovolts up to 15 megavolts, digital area array imagers, proven mechanical handling equipment, and our proprietary Vi3 software suite to detect “free liquids” in waste. The system also includes a custom X-ray vault designed to satisfy the most stringent shielding requirements.

Developed around specific customer requirements, our vaults are built lead filled steel construction or of structural concrete. We also supply systems for use in existing customer shielded facilities and where necessary, we use special metals such as nickel, chromium and stainless steel to mitigate risk and enhance image quality. When our systems are used as part of a retrieval project to clear a nuclear site of waste, the vault can easily be removed upon completion.

High Energy Computed Tomography (HE-CT) and the latest reconstruction and viewing software platforms are used for detailed, automated analysis of the contents and composition of large and high density containers.

Waste Stabilization, Retrieval and Repackaging

Our expertise enables us to develop, demonstrate and patent solutions for the stabilization, characterization, size reduction, removal and repackaging of buried nuclear waste.

Nuclear Fuel Inspection

The highest levels of quality control are required in the manufacture of fuel for nuclear reactors. Our systems are used to scan the length and inspect final closure welds of fuel rods to assure proper placement of fuel pellets and alignment components.

Contents Level Measurement

Accurate measurement of the fill level of metal oxide material in stainless steel canisters is crucial in some fuel processing applications. The use of X-rays allows measurement of the level without opening the canister whether the surface of the material is concave or convex, critical in ensuring the safety of people and environment. Our customized level measurement systems are in use throughout the United States and France.