NDT Solutions

See Like Never Before

Your complete NDT needs can never be met by an off-the-shelf, stock product. That’s why VJ Technologies never looks to a catalogue of products to fit your needs. Instead, we leverage our wide range of world class toolsets to provide seamless solutions to fully support your requirements, processes and budget. After more than 25 years of solving the toughest challenges at the world’s top companies, we’ve developed the relationships and expertise to choose the correct combination of imaging components with our industry leading Vi3 software platform to deliver the perfect system to meet your project’s requirements.

We are experts at mechanical integration and manipulation. We handle your parts to meet your specifications and needs. Our superior imaging toolsets and ability to develop proprietary, custom and configurable solutions is what makes VJ Technologies the best in the industry. As perfectionists, we don’t recommend just “best fit” products – we deliver the perfect solution every time.

So see like you have never seen before. Both in the systems we provide and the images you achieve.

Leading companies from around the world rely and look to VJ Technologies for:

  • Innovative Custom or Configurable Solutions
  • 25+ years of leadership and knowledge to meet your precise requirements
  • Outstanding engineering and technical capabilities
  • Industry leading technologies and global presence

Get Your Perfect Solution

VJT is your partner in NDT and risk management – whether you require a standalone system or in-house/in-field services. We share your concern for the protection of your employees, the general public, the environment and your brand. Our awareness of these issues can be seen in our people, products and policies every day. It can also be seen in the technological advances, such as our Vi3 software and custom filtration sets, which are part of our next generation imaging solution – X-Ray 2.0. These advances create a full spectrum analysis that provides images for deeper interpretation of data than ever before possible. Our superior imaging analysis toolset and ability to develop proprietary imaging tools is your guarantee you will see and know more than you ever have before.

Compliance for a World of Standards

VJT X-ray products and inspection services comply with ASME, ASNT, EN and all other relevant global industry standards, as well as give you the ability to meet even higher internal compliance standards. VJT equipment is used around the world every day to verify the safety, efficacy and performance of:

  • Castings
  • Consumer Products
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Welds
  • Military Applications

A World of Capabilities

The global presence of VJT provides expert, around-the-clock technical services and support. Our international focus gives us a deep understanding of cultural nuances, while our world-wide experts assure you of optimal support no matter what your location.

Our locations include:

  • Long Island, NY
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Suzhou, China
  • East Haven, CT
  • Paris, France
  • Bengaluru, India (Bangalore)

A World of Quality and Performance

As “Your Partners in Quality” VJT offers you a comprehensive approach to enhancing your ROI. It begins with help to maximize your line speed, reduce maintenance costs and meet required uptime and safety concerns. It continues with all necessary training, support and maintenance to meet industry specifications as well as compliance requirements. Just as importantly, we help you manage your internal quality standards that assure a failed product never reaches your customer base, or leads to personal or environmental harm.