XQuik II with AccuCount Technology

Key Applications:

  • Fast, automatic counting of components on reels                                                VJE XQuik II with AccuCount
  • One button operation
    o No programming required
    o Automatically detects component size
  • >99 % Accuracy
  • No need to open anti-static/moisture barrier bags
  • May be connected to MES for seamless inventory control
  • Reduce manpower, increase inventory accuracy
  • May also be used for a wide variety of inspection tasks.

Download VJE XQuik II with AccuCount

The VJ Electronix XQuik II with AccuCount is designed to reduce time and manpower required for incoming inspection and cycle counting of electronic components. Simply place the component reel inside of the x-ray cabinet and press “COUNT”. There is no programming or set up required. The system’s proprietary technology automatically detects component size and reports the total component count.

The XQuik II may be connected to your MES (Manufacturing Enterprise System) to automatically update inventory. An optional label printer and bar code reader will further enhance integration.


See XQuik II With AccuCount Technology in Action!