VJ Technologies Plans To Roll Out New CT Product Line Over Next 12 Months

Over the next year, as VJT continues to meet the needs of the evolving market, the company plans to roll out a line of new CT products leveraging the latest technologies to offer imaging and inspection solutions like never before.


AIS 2.0

Our AIS or Automated Inspection solutions rolled out earlier this year as an advanced system feature that utilizes smart technology to provide semi – and fully autonomous inspection solutions for your production lines. The AIS  feature set is an optional feature set that can be integrated into any of our standard inspection systems, and it was utilized in many of the custom products developed in the past year. AIS 2.0 is expected to release later this year to continue increasing accuracy and throughput, while improving efficiencies on the production floor.


ValuCT 2.0

Last year we introduced our most affordable CT product yet – The ValuCT. This product offers a seamless and cost effective upgrade to your X-ray inspection systems from DR to CT. Using this easy-to-operate and full-functioning system, you can improve your defect detection capabilities and overall production processes with higher quality, 3D digital x-ray images… all at a fraction of the cost of standard CT systems. This year, we are working on our new and improved ValuCT 2.0 that is expected to roll out by the end of 2018.


Microfocus CT

The Microfocus CT is a new product that is ideal for 3D inspection of small components that require magnification for small details. Industries that will benefit from this product include Aerospace, Composites, Electronics and Additive Manufacturing. This system is still undergoing final testing and evaluation and its’ release date is TBD.