VJ Imaging Technologies Hosts Advanced Digital Imaging & Concepts Seminar in Bangalore, India

VJ Imaging Technologies Private Limited (VJIT) hosted Advanced Digital Imaging & Concepts seminar at the Oterra Hotel, Electronics City, Bangalore, India. With a capacity crowd in attendance, the seminar provided the opportunity for the company leaders, employees, partners and customers to look at how advanced digital imaging and the new concepts will change how we do quality inspections.

The event began with a panel discussion hosted by industry experts who spoke on topics such as advanced imaging techniques, computed tomography (CT), high-energy inspection, image acquisition, processing and storage. Standards and conversions from film to DR and digital imaging from an Industry 4.0 perspective were also discussed.

Following the presentations, the attendees were invited to the VJIT facilities for a factory tour and were shown many of the new systems and services now offered. Later that evening, the company held a dinner for all the attendees, where VJ Group’s CEO, Vijay Alreja, shared stories of the company’s journey and accomplishments over the past 30 years.













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