Introducing The Wheel Machine

VJ Technologies introduces the perfect inline “autonomous inspection solution” for the mass production of cast aluminum wheels. With its exceptionally high throughput and accuracy, the Wheel Machine allows for the inspection of a complete wheel in as fast as 30 to 40 seconds – 70% more throughput compared to other systems, which dramatically reduces handling

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Two of the world’s technology leaders, VJ X-ray and Analogic Corporation, partnered to develop the new 3D CT airport checkpoint technology that is revolutionizing air travel security standards and processes. See inside the machine and the story behind the making of the system that has been broadcast across major news media outlets across the world!

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Improving Inventory Accuracy with X-Ray Component Counting

Having an accurate inventory is critical to any production process. This is especially true in a dynamic SMT line where frequent changes take place. To maintain the highest accuracy, components must be counted each time they are returned to stock. Many pick-and-place systems will track and report component usage, including mis-picks. However, error still will

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Confidence Delivered: VJ Group Customer Testimonials

We caught up with some of our customers and partners at our Future of NDT Symposium earlier this year, some of which we have been working with for many years on some amazing projects! See what they have to say about working with VJ Group and our engineers and learn about some of the projects

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VJT & UCI Join Forces In The Fight Against Technical Fraud

“At a March 2018 press conference, The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) unveiled the detection methods it will use to counter technological fraud during the 2018 season and also presented innovative technologies currently in development. For the 2018 season, the UCI will implement a range of measures that encompasses all the detection methods currently available. In

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Introducing… Robotic Engine Block Inspection System

VJ Technologies developed an automated inspection system for an automotive lightweighting solutions leader, designed to seamlessly inspect 3 different engine block types.The system robot can achieve 7 axis of rotation with a unique robot gripper that rotates within itself for added image flexibility.