Introducing The Wheel Machine

VJ Technologies introduces the perfect inline “autonomous inspection solution” for the mass production of cast aluminum wheels.
With its exceptionally high throughput and accuracy, the Wheel Machine allows for the inspection of a complete wheel in as fast as 30 to 40 seconds – 70% more throughput compared to other systems, which dramatically reduces handling steps and inspection time on the assembly line.

The innovative design & engineering of the wheel gripper enables evaluation of the wheel from multiple positions and views that can be customized to meet any image requirements, based on wheel design. In just seconds, casting defects can be detected and classified, including a faulty rim flange during rotation.

The system’s software platform provides a user-friendly interface with seamless operation, from both the in-machine touch-screen and the main control center. Upgrade the program with our Autonomous Inspection Solutions add-on features, including automatic wheel detection with barcode scanning and Automatic Defect Recognition to automate the pass or fall inspection decision of the wheels.
Its compact and fully inclusive design allows for seamless integration into your production process in almost any manufacturing environment and meets the latest industry requirements for a range of wheel sizes from 13 – 26”.

See It In Action!