X-Ray Imaging: Fundamentals, Industrial Techniques and Applications

Dan Schneberk, who has collaborated with VJ Technologies on many projects and developments, co-authors in X-Ray Imaging: Fundamentals, Industrial Techniques and Applications. This book explores comprehensive work on modern industrial x-ray imaging and reviews the fundamental science of x-ray imaging and addresses equipment and system configuration.

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Dan’s Bio: 
Dan Schneberk has worked in NDE for 28 years, primarily at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories (LLNL), with a focus on industrial inspections using DR and CT including NASA shuttle components, Air Force Turbine blades, Caterpillar Ductile Iron and Steel components, R & D for Airport baggage scanning, CT scanning of art objects, High Strength Turbine Blades, Nuclear Fuel particles and NIF targets. This imaging work covered energy ranges from 50keV to 15MeV and length scales from 0.01 mm to meters. Dan has also collaborated with VJ Technologies since the mid-90’s and is currently a VJT Research Scientist and is actively working on next generation DR/CT technologies and advancements, including CT inspection / Material Discrimination of Nuclear Waste drums, CT Inspection of Underground High-Power Feeder cables, and advanced CT imaging techniques for inspection of automotive assemblies, space/aerospace components, rocket motors, and next generation battery and electronic components.