The RIX (Rotary Indexing X-Ray) solution is a medium to high volume x-ray inspection system with standard and XL versions designed to support a wide range of part types and sizes with ease. The rotating turntable dramatically increases productivity by enabling simultaneous part loading and inspection, resulting in a rapid cycle time of less than 20 seconds per part.

With its modest footprint, the RIX is designed for production environments with real-time and near real-time imaging solutions. An internal robotic C-arm provides for full range of motion to capture images at multiple positions, which can be easily programmed using an HMI control console. Combined with ADR and our world-leading Vi3™ imaging suite and archival capabilities, the RIX is the next generation of quality control for casting manufacturers.


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Munitions
  • Electronics


Rotary parts turntable supports parallel loading and inspection of parts

System supports fully automated ADR analysis

Vi3™ Image Processing captures defects using ADE filter

Program, reprogram and store part profiles using the HMI control console

Internal robotic C-arm provides full range of motion for complete coverage of the part

Download the VJT RIX/RIX XL Product Sheet