In-Line Robotic

Designed for production environments, our robotic systems offer versatility and flexibility using real-time and near real-time imaging systems.

VJT robotic X-ray inspection systems can be integrated directly into a manufacturing process to allow semi-automatic real-time X-ray inspection providing pass/fail assessments with minimum operator intervention. These systems offer the greatest system flexibility when combined with today’s higher throughput requirements. VJT robotic X-ray systems are perfect for higher volume part runs or dense, complex parts that require multiple angles of inspection such as aircraft turbine blades and automotive steering components.


  • Automotive castings and components
  • Aerospace castings and components
  • Other castings


Vi3 Imaging Suite gives you complete control of the inspection process

Loop Conveyor allows for load/unload in the same area

Optional vision system allows for automatic part identification

Unlimited views, unlimited flexibility enables inspection for parts of all sizes and shapes

Download the VJT In-Line Robotic Product Sheet