Safer, Swifter Munitions Inspection

VJ Technologies brings enhanced safety, speed and accuracy to the inspection of munitions. We provide the consistency necessary to eliminate malfunctions and risks in intricate applications. We can upgrade your entire inspection system to eliminate the use of complex and expensive film.

Unlike other suppliers, VJT offers a full spectrum of energies in equipment that ranges in power, from low (9KeV) to high energy (up to 15 MeV), and techniques, including conventional and High Energy CT. Further, the reliability, performance and function assurance of our unique Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) technology meets Department of Defense (DoD), customer and contractor specifications.

Cutting Edge Technology for Cutting Edge Quality

VJT offers cutting edge answers to your most important inspection requirements. Our advanced, highly-adaptive Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) environment moves closer to artificial intelligence with each upgrade we create. ADR learns about your parts and defects as it compiled data from images taken. It then uses that data to provide continuous improvement to automated inspection systems. ADR removes the human element of fatigue from the inspection process adding repeatability and reliable, predictable results; qualities highly valued and critical to the industry today.

VJT NDT Offers Munitions Manufacturers

  • Faster Inspection for Higher Throughput
  • Smaller Footprint for More Efficient Use of Floor Space
  • Green Operation with No Chemicals or Heavy Metals
  • Lower Training and Labor Costs
  • Greater Reliability and Predictability
  • Higher Product Quality and Fewer Errors