Beyond Products. To Possibilities.

VJ Technologies provides more than X-ray systems and products. We offer a comprehensive, full spectrum answer to your challenges. Our 25+ years of experience allow us to create the perfect combination of sources, detectors and software to bring you optimum accuracy and productivity.

From Custom Applications to Industry Standards

We’ve seen it happen often. A custom solution we introduce gains wide acceptance and eventually becomes an industry standard practice. These are just a few examples:

  • Vertical Process Unit (VPU)
    Developed initially for the nuclear industry, this patented, custom auger crushes materials in vertical pipe units to prevent activation of pyrophoric materials prior to removal
  • Crawler
    Provides both X-Ray and Ultra Sound (UT) testing of welds in new and existing pipes for optimal inspection of variable defects
  • Dual Robot
    Used for automated inspection of parts with complex geometries, this unit places an X-ray source on one robot and a detector on a second robot to provide easy programming and accurate imaging for parts of any size or shape
  • CT/DR Combined System
    Provides automated inspection that includes a CT scan of castings to allow a single system to perform both production testing and R&D/lab analysis of new parts

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