Mobile Inspection Lab

X-ray Inspection to Go

When your inspection requirements occur at a remote location, or your in-house inspection capabilities are unable to meet your current requirements, look to a VJ Technologies Mobile Inspection Lab.

VJT mobile labs allow you to meet production requirements when your facility lacks complete NDT capabilities. They can also be used to improve turnaround during prototyping. In fact, over 75% of our mobile lab systems become full-custom production solutions that ensure all complete and well thought out procedures.

Our mobile inspection labs are fully shielded to comply with all relevant standards. They can be rented for use by your personnel, or staffed with VJT service engineers. Our mobile inspection capabilities include:

  • A fully-insulated trailer deployed on-site for construction inspection
  • A 40-foot shipping container that houses a fully operational laboratory – used by governments and security-conscious organizations to inspect their assets in foreign countries