Corrosion: Inspection without Interruption

Assets subject to corrosion require a unique approach. Their geometry, environmental surroundings and physical characteristics (wall thickness, elevation, pipe length, and material for the product in use) make corrosion inspection a particularly challenging application.

VJT delivers flexible, world class custom systems to meet your complete requirements regardless how varied. Our unique technology allows you to inspect your equipment for the presence and level of corrosion without service interruption.

Our patented approach is the only technique that will give you an actual image of the pipe corrosion or structural concerns under insulation. Our images include built-in GPS data to allow you to spend less time pinpointing the exact location of the corrosion. VJT corrosion detection systems leverage our patented Crawler over-line inspection for the carrion detection process.

Enhanced Integrity Management for Enhanced ROI

Our integrity management program uses our Vi3 software and your internal asset management database. Together, they create a priority asset list after measuring the integrity of those assets in place.

This provides an assets failure forecast that allows you to act proactively, instead of reactively. You can now plan capital improvements in the same way you plan for outages. This process leads to reduced downtime, faster replacement and improved asset management.