Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for One-Hundred Percent of Your Requirements

You can see the difference in VJ Technologies from the moment we engage with you. Our focus is on your applications, instead of our catalog or inventory. Our fully-custom approach to NDT provides imaging solutions that meet your exact requirements, as well as all relevant industry and company standards.

At the heart of every solution VJT delivers is our innovative, proprietary Vi3 software suite. Time again in countless scenarios, Vi3 has repeatedly proven itself as the industry benchmark. It gives you complete, precise control of every aspect of inspection, from work process and motion control to image acquisition, analysis and archival.

You can be confident that VJT provides an inspection environment that reduces workload and training costs, while it brings you the highest throughput and sensitivity in the industry.

A Heritage of Accuracy and Performance

Your complete NDT needs can never be met by stock products. That’s why we leverage our wide range of world-class toolsets to provide seamless solutions for your requirements, processes and budget. After more than 30 years of solving the industry’s and government’s toughest challenges, we have the relationships and the technology to deliver the perfect system for your project’s demands.

Our expertise in mechanical integration and manipulation is well-known. We handle your parts to meet your specifications and needs. Our superior imaging analysis toolset and willingness to develop custom imaging tools is what makes VJ Technologies the best in the industry. As perfectionists, we don’t recommend just “best fit” products. We deliver the perfect solution every time.

So see like you have never seen before. Both in the systems we provide and the images you achieve.

Custom Solutions: An Investment. Not an Expense.

VJT custom solutions do more than provide unerring accuracy and unwavering reliability. They provide a return-on-investment (ROI) that emerges soon after system installation. Our custom technology brings you:

  • Faster imaging for increased throughput
  • Compatibility with existing database structures
  • More accurate NDT for improved quality
  • The ability to design around existing physical plant requirements
  • Support for existing handling requirements

VJT custom solutions are your assurance that any and all defects are detected, leading to greater safety for your employees, your company, your customers and the general population.

When We Collaborate, You Succeed

The synergy between VJT and our clients can be seen in every one of our installations. We are proud to collaborate, co-create and combine our expertise with yours. The end result is an optimal system that leverages your existing workflow, or in some applications, establishes a new one.

Range of Applications

Hazardous Material
There are no off the-shelf-solutions for hazardous materials. The risks are too great and the handling requirements too unique. As a result, HAZMAT applications must be designed for safety, as well as imaging. We understand that risk reduction is the paramount issue in an NDT system for hazardous materials.

Assets subject to corrosion require a unique approach. The dynamics of their geometry, physical characteristics and their environmental surroundings are critical factors in wall thickness, elevation, pipe length and material for the product in use.

Consumer Products
Reliability and speed are critical when your lines produce millions of products a year. VJT custom solutions meet that requirement every day.

Facilities (new construction)
We design and construct the most durable integratable turnkey xray inspection facilities in the world.

Mobile Inspection Lab
This in-house service provides designs to meet your imaging/inspection requirements, as well as the environment where inspections will be conducted.

Case Study

When a leading energy provider looked to reduce the cost of their ongoing program that images splice joints in the field, they turned to VJ Technologies. Historically if they needed to see inside the pipe for evaluation, they used an X-Ray file along with radioisotope. VJT was able to provide a high energy X-ray imaging solution that produced four times the number of images in the same time frame, along with higher quality, at a substantially lower cost. Read the entire case study here