VJT & UCI Join Forces In The Fight Against Technical Fraud

“At a March 2018 press conference, The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) unveiled the detection methods it will use to counter technological fraud during the 2018 season and also presented innovative technologies currently in development.

For the 2018 season, the UCI will implement a range of measures that encompasses all the detection methods currently available. In addition to the magnetic scanning tablets and thermal imaging cameras already in use, the UCI has procured a mobile x-ray unit specially designed for the fight against technological fraud.

The x-ray equipment is completely safe for its operators and the public, and will be transported from race to race throughout the course of the season. Capable of producing an x-ray image of a complete bike in just five minutes, this technology will be used to validate the leading riders’ performances and remove any suspicion regarding race results.

Developed with the support of VJ Technologies – a renowned supplier of x-ray technology solutions for the automotive, aerospace, energy, nuclear and arms industries – the method has been granted the necessary authorisations for use in the countries hosting cycling’s flagship events.”

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