400 series rework systems

400 Series


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The 400S Automatic Solder Scavenger System is a stand-alone, non-contact scavenging system for the automatic removal of residual solder from a rework site. Based on the well established Summit Scavengers, the 400S provides all the advanced features necessary for rapid and repeatable site dressing. Employing the easy to use SierraMate™ Scavenging software with simple 1-2-3-GO graphical user interface, the 400S with Dynamic Height Sensing delivers high value.


The 400ST Plated Through-Hole rework system provides a controlled convective heating process for rework of Plated Through Hole (PTH) devices. The convection process eliminates copper dissolution issues users experience with traditional Solder Fountain rework methods. Plated Through Hole barrels are protected through multiple rework cycles.  Using VJE’s Triple Stage Heating technology, the 400ST safely provides PTH component removal site dressing and component replacement on all PWB types including large, high mass boards. Infrared area array bottom heating conditions the entire board and minimizes thermal stress. Localized closed-loop convection top and bottom heating provides safe, reliable thermal profile control throughout the cycle.


The 400M BGA Manual Rework system is a low cost flexible machine with a small foot-print (28” x 28”). It is designed for the removal, placement and alignment of BGA, uBGA, CSP, SMT, MCM, and THT assemblies. Production ready with advanced features, the PMT 400 is designed to address your most demanding rework needs.


The 400R High Value Rework System is a semi-automatic rework machine with a small foot-print. The 400R is designed to rework BGA, μBGA and other SMT assemblies. The 400R is “production ready” with many advanced features. With systems installed world-wide, the 400R is designed to exceptionally stable platform. The 400R utilizes cost effective innovative technology to meet production needs. The X and Y slides allow for repeatable and fast positioning while allowing the target assembly to remain stationary. The integrated Automatic-Z motion and High Resolution vision system provides precise positioning of components.