The Next Dimension of Safety for Critical Infrastructure

ConEd_CaseStudy-Cover-Shadow-1With the growing demands of today placed on our existing infrastructure, keeping public utility systems fully functional is more challenging than ever before. VJ Technologies was able to create a process to conduct the most accurate inspection possible, without shutting down power or risking further damage or outages.

The success of this program brings significant management improvements safeguarding the utility sector’s assets. This advanced inspection technology, performed while allowing continued full operation, also is likely to provide major benefits in other industries, including the petrochemical sector (pumps and valves), where future financial success also is underpinned by enhanced management and continuous operation of high-value assets.

Find out how VJT created the ability to see a virtual 360-degree 3D view of a buried, operating infrastructure with limited access for inspection and discovery of defects.

Read the Con Edison Case Study