Rahul Alreja, Global Sales Director, Speaks at YPO Future of Manufacturing Event

At YPO’s The Future of Manufacturing event in Denver this October, Rahul Alreja spoke on the future of quality management, the technologies that will drive it, and the challenges and standards that come with brand reputation through social media.

“Quality is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”
In today’s world, delivering quality products to end-users is absolutely critical. Social media and the internet have made knowledge instantaneous and pervasive, and a misstep or flaw can cause catastrophic damage to a company – reputations that have taken years to make can come crashing down in days, if not hours. The challenge is that maintaining quality is not easy – there are too many variables at play, even in the cleanest of environments. And conditions can change almost instantaneously. The trick, then, is to be adaptable, and emerging technologies (such as Big Data and Blockchain) are being adopted and harnessed to dynamically (and automatically) alter quality. Drawing upon some real-world examples from different industries, this session will explore the future of quality.