Employee Highlight: Samir Anjelly, Principal Systems Engineer

We talk with Sam on his 25+ year relationship with VJ Technologies, along with his renowned projects and developments for the inspection industry during his career to honor his retirement and brilliant mind. Over 25 years ago, Sam had began working with VJ Technologies as a consultant, and grew into the Principal Systems Engineer within the company. Sam has been involved in almost every project at VJT including developing their standard product line of x-ray inspection systems to their highly customized systems for the world’s largest organizations and governments. One of Sam’s most notable projects, “The Crawler”, used for pipe inspection which enabled large oil companies to perform NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) inspection on in-use and underground pipes to detect and predict any potential issues, avoiding things like bursting pipes and environmental damage before they even happen. For this project, Sam received a patent which was awarded “Most Innovative Patent” by Long Island Technology Hall of Fame. Aside from his contributions to the engineering and x-ray inspection industries, Sam has played an integral part at VJT in educating, training, and working with young engineers, who develop their skills and careers into higher positions within the company and across the globe. After his continued success over the years, Sam is retiring this year, but continues to be involved in VJT projects to continue follwing his passion for engineering and innovating.