Introducing… Robotic Engine Block Inspection System

VJ Technologies developed an automated inspection system for an automotive lightweighting solutions leader, designed to seamlessly inspect 3 different engine block types.The system robot can achieve 7 axis of rotation with a unique robot gripper that rotates within itself for added image flexibility.  

Rahul Alreja, Global Sales Director, Speaks at YPO Future of Manufacturing Event

At YPO’s The Future of Manufacturing event in Denver this October, Rahul Alreja spoke on the future of quality management, the technologies that will drive it, and the challenges and standards that come with brand reputation through social media. “Quality is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” In today’s world, delivering quality products to end-users is absolutely critical.

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X-Ray Imaging: Fundamentals, Industrial Techniques and Applications

Dan Schneberk, who has collaborated with VJ Technologies on many projects and developments, co-authors in X-Ray Imaging: Fundamentals, Industrial Techniques and Applications. This book explores comprehensive work on modern industrial x-ray imaging and reviews the fundamental science of x-ray imaging and addresses equipment and system configuration. Learn more about the book and purchase here!      

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VJ Group CEO, Vijay Alreja, Receives WPI Ray H. Witt Award

VJ Group CEO, Vijay Alreja, sits on a number of boards and participates in several partnerships with universities and research institutes across the globe. This month, Vijay received the biannual award, given by the Advanced Casting Research Center at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, to recognize his outstanding contributions to the metal casting industry.   Read the Press Release

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Employee Highlight: Samir Anjelly, Principal Systems Engineer

We talk with Sam on his 25+ year relationship with VJ Technologies, along with his renowned projects and developments for the inspection industry during his career to honor his retirement and brilliant mind. Over 25 years ago, Sam had began working with VJ Technologies as a consultant, and grew into the Principal Systems Engineer within

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Delivering Confidence to the World’s Most Prestigious Cycling Event with Innovative In-Field Inspection Solutions

At the 2016 Tour de France, the world’s largest and most prestigious cycle race, the UCI decided to significantly enhance the deterrence of technological fraud by hiring the VJ Group’s VJ Technologies, the world leader in innovative x-ray solutions, to develop and provide an in-field inspection solution that would absolutely identify any illegal components concealed

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The Next Dimension of Safety for Critical Infrastructure

With the growing demands of today placed on our existing infrastructure, keeping public utility systems fully functional is more challenging than ever before. VJ Technologies was able to create a process to conduct the most accurate inspection possible, without shutting down power or risking further damage or outages. The success of this program brings significant

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