Improving Inventory Accuracy with X-Ray Component Counting

Having an accurate inventory is critical to any production process. This is especially true in a dynamic SMT line where frequent changes take place. To maintain the highest accuracy, components must be counted each time they are returned to stock. Many pick-and-place systems will track and report component usage, including mis-picks. However, error still will

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Introducing… Robotic Engine Block Inspection System

VJ Technologies developed an automated inspection system for an automotive lightweighting solutions leader, designed to seamlessly inspect 3 different engine block types.The system robot can achieve 7 axis of rotation with a unique robot gripper that rotates within itself for added image flexibility.  

2017 VJX Product Catalog

Our standard line of products is comprised of a variety of Integrated X-Ray (IXS) Sources and High Voltage Generators (HVG) with unique features that are designed to meet the needs of OEM businesses for a multitude of applications. Our Products are Infinite… Each and every product in our catalog can be customized. VJ X-Ray has

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