Key Features Compact form factor Oil based insulation for efficient thermal dissipation Fully enclosed, fan-less design for use in rugged environments Advanced HV design optimized for performance & reliability Plug and play compatibility with major tube manufacturers Specifications HV Connector R28 or R24 Output kV 10–225 kV, Unipolar Output Power 3000 W maximum Download the

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Key Features Integrated High Voltage Generator, X-ray Tube, and Control Electronics High Stability Form Factor Designed Specifically for Thickness Gauging Radiation Shielded User Friendly RS232 Digital Interface 24 VDC Input Applications Thickness Gauging X-Ray Analysis Specifications Output Voltage 30–100 kV Output Current 0.05–2.0 mA Output Power 100 W continuous X-ray Focal Spot Size 0.8 mm

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Key Features High Frequency Compact and Robust Power Factor Corrected User Friendly RS232 Digital Interface Field Serviceable Specifications Output Current 30-100 kV, negative or positive polarity Output kV 30–100 kV, negative or positive polarity Output Power 1000 W maximum continuous output 1500 W also available upon request Download the VJX HVG100 Product Sheet